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Our first fuhong machinery plant was founded in 2014 with a history of 09 years. In 2019 we established a second factory specializing in foreign trade, YIwei machinery. Started a new chapter in B2B pattern's foreign trade. Our factory is located in the industrial zone of xinwan, xintai, hebei province. This industrial zone was created after China's reform and opening up and developed for decades.

Our company has an independent team of machines, the chief engineer has 34 years of experience in mechanical production, is a guarantee of the quality of our products. We have 04 technical patents and 03 CE certificates. Chief electrical engineer has worked in the software industry for 11 years and collaborates with Huawei, China's largest mobile phone manufacturer. In addition, our company has a professional sales and after-sales department that will provide you with the best service in the process of purchase and use.


The canvas stretching machine is a product that we launched in 2016 and lasted for 07 years. After four technological changes. At present we sell the equipment of the fifth generation canvas stretching machine, high product stability, low failure rate, simplicity and convenience of operation.In addition, we provided customers with all kinds of machines needed for the stretched canvas production process.With many years of accumulated technical advantages, we continue to innovate and develop, the current equipment are divided into 5 series: Canvas cutting machine, Frame tenoning machine, Frame assembly machine, Canvas stretching machine, Product packaging machine. As a agent sales canvas, frame and other related products, to provide customers with one-stop procurement services.

We look forward to working with you, to provide you with better machines, to help you make more and better products. And look forward to your visit to our factory, to establish a deeper relationship of cooperation.

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